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Thread: Empire: Four Kingdoms Cheats & Tricks - Empire: Four Kingdoms (View Game Forum)

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    Empire: Four Kingdoms Cheats & Tricks

    Have you discovered any useful tricks or Empire: Four Kingdoms cheats in the game? If you do, kindly post and share with all of us here for any secretly hidden Empire: Four Kingdoms tricks and cheats you've accidentally found and discovered.

    There might be lots of Empire: Four Kingdoms secrets, hidden cheats, useful tricks, and Empire: Four Kingdoms cheat codes embedded by the game developers. You might not have discovered any working Empire: Four Kingdoms cheat or trick by yourself, but you can always check out the Empire: Four Kingdoms cheat videos on YouTube or you're welcomed to find, discuss, and share any interesting Empire: Four Kingdoms cheats and amazing discoveries on Empire: Four Kingdoms Forum.

    Note: Kindly share only the legal in-game Empire: Four Kingdoms trick, cheat, and codes. Your Games Dreams account will be SUSPENDED if any illegal Empire: Four Kingdoms cheat engine, codes, glitch, hacks, or Empire: Four Kingdoms cheat tool download survey site are posted!! Only legal Empire: Four Kingdoms cheats no download or without download are allowed to be shared.

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    Look for abandoned castles out in the world map, and then attack them. You will be able to tell that it's abandoned by doing espionage, and then seeing that it has 0 troops or defenses left, despite being a fairly large-sized castle. Attack them over and over until they're so damaged and full of unrest that they stop producing resources. Then find more abandoned castles.

    Source: Empire: Four Kingdoms Tricks and Cheats

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