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Thread: Iron Force Hack & Bug Report - Iron Force (View Game Forum)

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    Iron Force Hack & Bug Report

    Report Iron Force hack and bug you've encountered in this game here. We all love smooth and fair game. This thread is for gamers to report illegal use of Iron Force hack download and bugs you have noticed in the game so that game developers are aware of it and can debug to make Iron Force game hack-free and bug-free.

    Please report players who have Iron Force hacked or cracked, and filter out any new working Iron Force hack tool 2013, free download survey scam site with virus and spyware, cash cheat sheet, money cheat code, items, level or Iron Force hack with no survey, hack site with or without survey, password crack, keygen generator, game software update bugs, lag, error, updated cheat engine, latest version of Iron Force trainer download, hack.exe, glitch, auto-training bot system programs, etc.

    Please respect the game developers by using only legal Iron Force cheats or tricks (can be found on Iron Force Game Forum) but not manipulating any potential Iron Force hack or bug.

    PS: Please DO NOT share any Iron Force hacks or any survey site with free hack tool download or your account will get BANNED!! You are only allowed to report any potential game-breaking hacking tool, cracking tool, Iron Force bugs, or game server lagging problems!!

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    This game sucks. You have to wait ages for your tank to fill up only to loose your fuel due to bad server or connections. Even if you have full signal or are connected to your home network. You get hammered by white screens the whole time or the lag is so bad you can hardly play. It's not as if I'm a new player or anything but I'm really starting to get fed up with this game. Not to mention that everything in the game is based on in app purchases you don't even get the option to buy new tanks with money earned you have to buy diamonds to get a new tank. Saving up diamonds take forever because if your lucky you could get one every other game. So 1-3 diamonds on 1 tank of fuel and then you have to wait about 100 minutes for the tank to fill up again. Not happy at all

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    I must say i am fed up with the white screen too but atm i cant even get on the game it keeps saying (cant connect) stuck on a loop also i think you need to stop being so greedy and let us trade cash for diamonds incase you haven't noticed "maybe because you don't care" your prices are way too high and everyone has loads off cash that can only be spent only on 1 upgrade at a time which is bull why cant we upgrade a few at a time ill tell others why cus you already know its because they make more money by everyone getting impatient and have to pay for them with diamonds that cost a fortune. I would buy the best tank maybe if it was lets say 20 i think thats fair but no these greedy ***** want 200 lmao. Thats why they wont let us trade cash for diamonds my im goin to give it 1 week n get rid its not a bad game if your loaded n stupid otherwise buy a ps3 or xbox for less than the best tank on this game its a f***in joke fix it ps most the people who play this think the same and since ive been playing i seen lots of people give up on it your servers are rubbish sort it

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    Lol. They can't even answer or explain about their shit game. Bunch of wankers.

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    They wont answer us lie i said they got there money now fuck everyone else. Can anyone explain why every time i go into a game i get put in with a lobby full of the best tanks im sure all these people haven't splashed out hundreds on new tanks in the last few days non of them are english and have Chinese names or summat so we cant tell who they are and im defo shaw they aint saved 4000 odd diamond so where they getting them from and why do i get stuck in with them all the time it pisses me right off cus i cant even get 1 kill they get 1 hit kills everytime and take my kills its abit boring now fucking sort it out its not hard even a reply wouldnt hurt you

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