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Thread: Farmville 2 Craft Recipe List - FarmVille 2 (View Game Forum)

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    Farmville 2 Craft Recipe List

    Is a special place in Farmville 2 wherein you can craft recipes to sell for money! There are recipes that simply needs the fresh goods that you harvest directly from your farm. Fresh goods are obtained by planting and watering crops or feeding cows and goats. There are other recipes that needs the help of your Farmville 2 friends like sugar (because you can't grow sugar by your own). Some ingredients can be created in your kitchen like batter for example. Below is the list of crafting recipes available in Farmville 2 today:

    Name:  ghouli.png
Views: 4094
Size:  21.6 KB
    Ghoulish Ganache
    Ghoulish Ganache Ingredients:
    2 Sugars + 8 Milks
    Ghoulish Ganache Sell for 950 coins each
    Ghoulish Ganache Gives 8 XP

    Name:  skelet.png
Views: 4071
Size:  24.3 KB
    Skeleton Cookie
    Skeleton Cookie Ingredients:
    10 Lemons + 2 Batters
    Skeleton Cookie Sell for 950 coins each
    Skeleton Cookie Gives 7 XP

    Name:  witchin.png
Views: 4056
Size:  21.6 KB
    Witchin' Batter
    Witchin' Batter Ingredients:
    6 Lemons + 2 Batter
    Witchin' Batter Sell for 2190 coins each
    Witchin' Batter Gives 16 XP

    Name:  candyapp.png
Views: 4114
Size:  26.4 KB
    Candy Apple
    Candy Apple Ingredients:
    10 Apples + 3 Sugars
    Candy Apple Sell for 2190 coins each
    Candy Apple Gives 10 XP

    Name:  scarycake.png
Views: 4152
Size:  23.0 KB
    Scary Cake
    Scary Cake Ingredients:
    1 Witchin' Batter + 2 Ghoulish Ganache
    Scary Cake Sell for 4240 coins each
    Scary Cake Gives 29 XP

    Name:  garlicbre.png
Views: 4043
Size:  23.1 KB
    Garlic Bread
    Garlic Bread Ingredients:
    12 Garlic + 2 Flours
    Garlic Bread Sell for 1050 coins each
    Garlic Bread Gives 9 XP

    Name:  flour.png
Views: 4093
Size:  17.9 KB
    Flour Ingredients:
    2 Wheat + 2 Wheat
    Flour Sell for 90 coins each
    Flour Gives 2 XP

    Name:  lemonwa.png
Views: 4116
Size:  15.7 KB
    Lemon Water
    Lemon Water Ingredients:
    2 Lemons + 1 Water
    Lemon Water Sell for 150 coins each
    Lemon Water Gives 2 XP

    Name:  batter.png
Views: 4000
Size:  19.4 KB
    Batter Ingredients:
    1 Flour + 3 Eggs
    Batter Sell for 290 coins each
    Batter Gives 4 XP

    Name:  lemona.png
Views: 3851
Size:  19.3 KB
    Lemonade Ingredients:
    1 Lemon Water + 4 Lemons
    Lemonade Sell for 350 coins each
    Lemonade Gives 4 XP

    Name:  applesco.png
Views: 4024
Size:  25.9 KB
    Apple Scone
    Apple Scone Ingredients:
    6 Apples + 1 Batter
    Apple Scone Sell for 640 coins each
    Apple Scone Gives 7 XP

    Name:  strawberrylem.png
Views: 4012
Size:  23.3 KB
    Strawberry Lemonade
    Strawberry Lemonade Ingredients:
    5 Strawberries + 1 Lemonade
    Strawberry Lemonade Sell for 630 coins each
    Strawberry Lemonade Gives 7 XP

    Name:  vanillacr.png
Views: 3910
Size:  20.6 KB
    Vanilla Cream
    Vanilla Cream Ingredients:
    12 Vanilla Beans + 4 Milk
    Vanilla Cream Sell for 1550 coins each
    Vanilla Cream Gives 9 XP

    Name:  tomatopas.png
Views: 4059
Size:  17.6 KB
    Tomato Paste
    Tomato Paste Ingredients:
    4 Tomatoes + 4 Tomatoes
    Tomato Paste Sell for 120 coins each
    Tomato Paste Gives 2 XP

    Name:  powderedsu.png
Views: 4934
Size:  21.0 KB
    Powdered Sugar
    Powdered Sugar Ingredients:
    3 Sugars + 2 Flour
    Powdered Sugar Sell for 1450 coins each
    Powdered Sugar Gives 13 XP

    Name:  broth.png
Views: 3970
Size:  19.2 KB
    Broth Ingredients:
    3 Water + 6 Onions
    Broth Sell for 420 coins each
    Broth Gives 4 XP

    Name:  vanillacreampuff.png
Views: 3910
Size:  27.7 KB
    Vanilla Cream Puffs
    Vanilla Cream Puffs Ingredients:
    2 Vanilla Cream + 1 Powdered Sugar
    Vanilla Cream Puffs Sell for 5000 coins each
    Vanilla Cream Puffs Gives 31 XP

    Name:  tomatosoup.png
Views: 3873
Size:  25.3 KB
    Tomato Soup
    Tomato Soup Ingredients:
    1 Tomato Paste + 1 Broth
    Tomato Soup Sell for 700 coins each
    Tomato Soup Gives 7 XP

    Name:  butter.png
Views: 4401
Size:  17.5 KB
    Butter Ingredients:
    1 Milk + 1 Milk
    Butter Sell for 180 coins each
    Butter Gives 2 XP

    Name:  whitepump.png
Views: 4007
Size:  28.9 KB
    White Pumpkin Pie
    White Pumpkin Pie Ingredients:
    XX Pumpkin + 3 Batter
    White Pumpkin Pie Sell for 1000 coins each
    White Pumpkin Pie Gives XX XP

    Name:  orangeic.png
Views: 3863
Size:  20.1 KB
    Orange Icing
    Orange Icing Ingredients:
    3 Orange + 1 Butter
    Orange Icing Sell for 340 coins each
    Orange Icing Gives 4 XP

    Name:  bloodoran.png
Views: 3827
Size:  28.2 KB
    Blood Orange Galette
    Blood Orange Galette Ingredients:
    10 Orange + 2 Sugars
    Blood Orange Galette Sell for 1460 coins each
    Blood Orange Galette Gives 10 XP

    Name:  orangecup.png
Views: 4008
Size:  25.3 KB
    Orange Cupcake
    Orange Cupcake Ingredients:
    1 Orange Icing + 1 Batter
    Orange Cupcake Sell for 780 coins each
    Orange Cupcake Gives 10 XP

    Name:  bloodorangelem.png
Views: 3975
Size:  27.7 KB
    Blood Orange Lemonade
    Blood Orange Lemonade Ingredients:
    12 Blood Orange + 1 Lemonade
    Blood Orange Lemonade Sell for 1720 coins each
    Blood Orange Lemonade Gives 12 XP

    Name:  spicyqueso.png
Views: 4047
Size:  25.8 KB
    Spicy Queso
    Spicy Queso Ingredients:
    4 Cheese + 10 Habanero Pepper
    Spicy Queso Sell for 1680 coins each
    Spicy Queso Gives 10 XP

    Name:  desertfres.png
Views: 3766
Size:  28.2 KB
    Desert Fresca

    Desert Fresca Ingredients:
    8 Cheese + 2 Sugar
    Desert Fresca Sell for 1850 coins each
    Desert Fresca Gives 13 XP

    Name:  pinonb.png
Views: 3799
Size:  26.1 KB
    Pinon Bread
    Pinon Bread Ingredients:
    10 Pinon + 2 Flour
    Pinon Bread Sell for 2310 coins each
    Pinon Bread Gives 15 XP

    Name:  pumpkinfil.png
Views: 3800
Size:  21.1 KB
    Pumpkin Filling
    Pumpkin Filling Ingredients:
    4 Pumpkins + 4 Pumpkins
    Pumpkin Filling Sell for 250 coins each
    Pumpkin Filling Gives 3 XP

    Name:  lemom.png
Views: 4069
Size:  20.9 KB
    Lemon Meringue Filling
    Lemon Meringue Filling Ingredients:
    1 Carton of Red Eggs + 1 Lemon
    Lemon Meringue Filling Sell for 1200 coins each
    Lemon Meringue Filling Gives 10 XP

    Name:  piecrust.png
Views: 3861
Size:  17.9 KB
    Pie Crust
    Pie Crust Ingredients:
    2 Flour + 1 Butter
    Pie Crust Sell for 380 coins each
    Pie Crust Gives 6 XP

    Name:  cartonofred.png
Views: 4131
Size:  22.1 KB
    Carton of Red Eggs
    Carton of Red Eggs Ingredients:
    3 Red Eggs + 3 Red Eggs
    Carton of Red Eggs Sell for 1100 coins each
    Carton of Red Eggs Gives 7 XP

    Name:  pumpkinpie.png
Views: 3777
Size:  24.9 KB
    Pumpkin Pie
    Pumpkin Pie Ingredients:
    1 Pumpkin Filling + 1 Pie Crust
    Pumpkin Pie Sell for 860 coins each
    Pumpkin Pie Gives 11 XP

    Name:  lemonmer.png
Views: 3772
Size:  24.6 KB
    Lemon Meringue Pie
    Lemon Meringue Pie Ingredients:
    1 Lemon Meringue Filling + 1 Pi Crust
    Lemon Meringue Pie Sell for 2400 coins each
    Lemon Meringue Pie Gives 22 XP

    Name:  cornmeal.png
Views: 3803
Size:  21.4 KB
    Corn Meal
    Corn Meal Requires Level 9
    Corn Meal Ingredients:
    XX corn + XX Wheat
    Corn Meal Sell for XX coins each
    Corn Meal Gives XX XP

    Name:  buttermi.png
Views: 3696
Size:  25.1 KB
    Butter milk
    Butter milk Requires Level 9
    Butter milk Ingredients:
    XX butter + XX Milk
    Butter milk Sell for 90 coins each
    Butter milk Gives 2 XP

    Name:  berrycus.png
Views: 3751
Size:  22.4 KB
    Berry Custard
    Berry Custard Requires Level 10
    Berry Custard Ingredients:
    XX Blueberry
    Berry Custard Sell for 90 coins each
    Berry Custard Gives 2 XP

    Name:  cornbre.png
Views: 3849
Size:  28.8 KB
    Corn bread
    Corn bread Requires Level 9
    Corn bread Ingredients:
    XX Corn
    Corn bread Sell for 930 coins each
    Corn bread Gives XX XP

    Name:  blueberryt.png
Views: 3693
Size:  28.9 KB
    Blueberry Tart
    Blueberry Tart Requires Level 10
    Blueberry Tart Ingredients:
    XX Blueberry
    Blueberry Tart Sell for 1010 coins each
    Blueberry Tart Gives XX XP

    Name:  custard.png
Views: 3711
Size:  22.2 KB
    Custard Requires Level 10
    Custard Flour Ingredients:
    XX Custard
    Custard Sell for XX coins each
    Custard Gives XX XP

    Name:  strawberrypie.png
Views: 3695
Size:  30.0 KB
    Strawberry Pie
    Strawberry Pie Requires Level 12
    Strawberry Pie Ingredients:
    XX strawberry
    Strawberry Pie Sell for 1030 coins each
    Strawberry Pie Gives 2 XP

    Name:  peachlem.png
Views: 4216
Size:  30.5 KB
    Peach Lemonade
    Peach Lemonade Requires Level 11
    Peach Lemonade Ingredients:
    XX Peach + XX Lemon
    Peach Lemonade Sell for 1030 coins each
    Peach Lemonade Gives XX XP

    Name:  pecanmuf.png
Views: 3825
Size:  32.0 KB
    Pecan Muffin
    Pecan Muffin Requires Level 13
    Pecan Muffin Ingredients:
    XX Pecan
    Pecan Muffin Sell for 1200 coins each
    Pecan Muffin Gives XX XP

    Name:  dough.png
Views: 3603
Size:  22.2 KB
    Dough Requires Level 14
    Dough Ingredients:
    XX Flour
    Dough Sell for XX coins each
    Dough Gives XX XP

    Name:  appleju.png
Views: 3693
Size:  21.4 KB
    Apple Juice
    Apple Juice Requires Level 15
    Apple Juice Ingredients:
    XX Apple
    Apple Juice Sell for XX coins each
    Apple Juice Gives XX XP

    Name:  bread.png
Views: 3617
Size:  21.9 KB
    Bread Requires Level 14
    Bread Ingredients:
    XX Flour
    Bread Sell for XX coins each
    Bread Gives XX XP

    Name:  applefil.png
Views: 3686
Size:  22.6 KB
    Apple Filling
    Apple Filling Requires Level 15
    Apple Filling Ingredients:
    XX Apple
    Apple Filling Sell for XX coins each
    Apple Filling Gives XX XP

    Name:  cheddarlo.png
Views: 3752
Size:  28.0 KB
    Cheddar Loaf
    Cheddar Loaf Requires Level 14
    Cheddar Loaf Ingredients:
    XX Cheddar
    Cheddar Loaf Sell for 1230 coins each
    Cheddar Loaf Gives XX XP

    Name:  applepie.png
Views: 4748
Size:  28.7 KB
    Apple Pie
    Apple Pie Requires Level 15
    Apple Pie Ingredients:
    XX Apple
    Apple Pie Sell for 1300 coins each
    Apple Pie Gives XX XP

    Name:  sunflowerbre.png
Views: 3667
Size:  28.8 KB
    Sunflower Bread
    Sunflower Bread Requires Level 16
    Sunflower Bread Ingredients:
    XX Sunflower
    Sunflower Bread Sell for 1350 coins each
    Sunflower Bread Gives XX XP

    Name:  carrotbread.png
Views: 3519
Size:  22.7 KB
    Carrot Bread
    Carrot Bread Requires Level 18
    Carrot Bread Ingredients:
    XX Carrot
    Carrot Bread Sell for XX coins each
    Carrot Bread Gives XX XP

    Name:  mangomuff.png
Views: 3519
Size:  30.5 KB
    Mango Muffin
    Mango Muffin Requires Level 17
    Mango Muffin Ingredients:
    XX Mango
    Mango Muffin Sell for 1540 coins each
    Mango Muffin Gives XX XP

    Name:  frosting.png
Views: 3632
Size:  23.4 KB
    Frosting Requires Level 18
    Frosting Ingredients:
    XX Sugar
    Frosting Sell for XX coins each
    Frosting Gives XX XP

    Name:  peachmuff.png
Views: 3534
Size:  31.7 KB
    Peach Muffin
    Peach Muffin Requires Level 17
    Peach Muffin Ingredients:
    XX Peach
    Peach Muffin Sell for 1410 coins each
    Peach Muffin Gives XX XP

    Name:  carr.png
Views: 3615
Size:  30.4 KB
    Carrot Cake
    Carrot Cake Requires Level 18
    Carrot Cake Ingredients:
    XX Carrot
    Carrot Cake Sell for 1940 coins each
    Carrot Cake Gives XX XP

    If there are any new or missing craft recipes, share with us in the reply below.
    If you have any other information regarding Farmville 2 Craft Recipe List please share your Ideas and post it here.
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