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Thread: Stardoll Cheat Hack for Stardollars - Download Stardollars Maker v 1.0 - Stardoll (View Game Forum)

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    Arrow Stardoll Cheat Hack for Stardollars - Download Stardollars Maker v 1.0

    Hi I would like to introduce you to the program to online browser game which is called Stardoll Hack for Stardollars and Starcoins Maker v 1.0.0 as the name says, this is a program whose effect is get the free Stardollars and Starcoins in the game

    Download Hack for Stardollars to Stardoll

    File name: Stardoll Hack for Stardollars [Stardollars Maker v1.0.0]
    File size: 12,97 MB

    (Link to download below)

    How to download ?

    Video showing work of application

    Learn instruction How to Hack Stardollars & Starcoins with this application

    - Login to the game at www.stardollars.com
    - Run file "Stardoll: Stardollars Maker v 1.0.0.exe"
    - Click button "Check the currently logged user"
    - Once you connect to the server, write how amount of Stardollars and Starcoins want to get for free
    (suggested limit is 1 - 100000 no more)
    - Click button "Get it for free now!"
    - Wait a moment and re-login to the game.
    - Now you can use the newly added resources!

    More detailed instructions, see below

    Hack for Stardollars to Stardoll available to download only at official site
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